Maggie Rieth Austin

Maggie Rieth Austin

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Maggie Rieth Austin is a Texan by choice and a writer, actress, performer by trade.

She began performing and writing comedy in 2011 at Dallas Comedy House (DCH). A proud graduate of DCH's Training Center, she now serves as the Training Center Director for the theater, as well as an instructor and regular performer. She has been featured at the USA Film Festival, Short. Sweet. Film Festival, Other Worlds Austin, Del Close Marathon, Austin Sketch Fest, and Chicago Women's Funny Festival.

In addition to performing improv and sketch comedy, Maggie has been showcased at the Getting It: Storytelling showcase with her original stories Huevos Rancheros, Spin Class,  and The Tooth Fairy.

Her stage writing credits include: How Santa Got His Groove Back, Magic by Death, Power to the Peephole, and Various Artists. Her screen writing credits include: The Service Elevator, Girl Ghost Getters,  Me Myself & Time, My Friend Algebra, Puppet & Me, and too many digital shorts to count.

Maggie is currently unrepresented, but you could change that.

Maggie currently performs with CUPCAKE, Improvised Horror Movie, Pavlov's Dogs, Photobomb, Roadside Couch, Small Town, and The Monthly Junk.