Questions about classes?

How often do classes meet?
All classes meet weekly, once a week unless otherwise noted (i.e.: summer camp or an immersion course). Most courses are 7 weeks long and meet for 3 hours. 

Do classes meet on Holidays?
Holidays observed by the Training Center include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. 

Can I audit a class before I decide if I want to enroll?
No. We do not allow auditing of our classes. Potential students are also encouraged to check-out shows and showcases from different comedy tracks (improv/sketch/stand-up/storytelling) to see if it is something they might be interested in. Most of our performers are graduates of our Training Center.

When can I enroll for classes?
Classes are posted on a rolling basis and registration is ongoing. If you do not see a date or time for a class that works for you, check back in a few weeks!

Is there a showcase? And, when will the showcase be?
Student showcases are typically scheduled within the week after your last class.

I have prior experience in comedy. Do I need to start at Level 1?
Yes. All improv, stand-up, and storytelling students, regardless of prior experience, must begin at Level 1. For sketch, students are required to be enrolled in Improv Level 3+ (or have a recommendation from a DCH instructor). Please direct any questions to

I have no prior performance experience. Will I be okay?
Yes. Our classes are geared toward students of all experience levels.

What are the benefits of being a Dallas Comedy House student?
Taking a comedy class is a great way to enrich your life, get to yourself a bit better, and make new friends. While enrolled in classes, students are granted free admission to all shows, unless a show is sold-out or sponsored by a third party. (ex: Dallas Comedy Festival or Mortified). Students also receive happy hour drink prices and half-off food every Wednesday at DCH.

Are payment plans available?
No. Tuition for class is due in full prior to enrollment. 

What are my options if I cannot afford class tuition?
We offer internships in exchange for full course tuition similar to a work-study program. Internship spots are limited. Applications are reviewed every two months and interns are all applicants will be notified via e-mail if they have been accepted into the program. Additionally, we award DCH Diversity Scholarships twice annually. To learn more about the internship program, click here. To learn more about our DCH Diversity Scholarships, click here. Also, tuition is 10% off on the last Wednesday of each month.

How do I get a refund?
Per our enrollment policies, all sales on classes are final. However, course credits may be awarded and course transfers may be available up until the start of the class. 

Where are student enrollment policies located?
When you purchase a class, student enrollment policies are listed on the final page of check-out. For additional reference, you can find student policies on

Does DCH offer one-on-one coaching or off-site classes/workshops for outside organizations?
Yes. If you are interested in booking executive coaching or a workshop for your workplace, please e-mail Amanda ( for rates and information.

I have more questions! Who can I contact?
For additional questions about classes or registration, please e-mail Beth Yankuner, Director of Student Experience (